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Welcome to Jiyuu's Website !

You can find here all information about me
You can use the menus to navigate between different games that I play.
This page is only an introduction to the website !

★Jiyuu (ジユウ)
Here are the different sub-domains related to this site.
Each one is dedicated to a game !

Jiyuu's Mario Kart Wii Website
Jiyuu's MK8 Website
Jiyuu's Splatoon Website
Jiyuu's Splatoon 2 Website

Website updates

Date Update
31st July 2018 Website updates. You can check around here~
22th November 2017 Miiverse is down, but my profile backup is on Click here !
11th November 2017 Site shut down for 7 minutes (12h49 CET)
02nd November 2017 Some minor style changes
02nd November 2017 The Splatoon 2 page finished
14th October 2017 New Theme (red) for the About page.
14th October 2017 New Theme (green) for the Splatoon page.
14th October 2017 The MK8 page is finished.
12th April 2017 Banner created and site accessible via search engines !
29th January 2017 MKW Friend Roster here : MKW Roster !
07th January 2017 The site is now online !
06th January 2017 The "About" page page is finished.
06th January 2017 The Home Page is finished.
05th January 2017 The MKW page is finished.
04th January 2017 The Splatoon page is finished.
03rd January 2017 Reserving the domain "".
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I hope that you'll enjoy this website !
Thanks for visiting it ! ヽ(。ゝω・。)